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I am Clyde, a compare in Benidorm. I have been providing Karaoke and Disco services in and around Benidorm for the past 25 years.

I am passionate about combining Karaoke, Disco and a bit of banter for an experience that make people happy. I have a passion for creating a great atmosphere.

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With over 25 years of Karaoke experience, you won't get a better nights entertainment.


Never a dull moment or uncomfortable silences. All the latest music.

Private Parties

Want a party to remember. An ideal addition to any events entertainment.



Vincents Pub Benidorm

Vincents Pub

British Pub in Benidorm

A great time can be had at Vicents Pub in the old town Benidorm.

Terrace Karaoke

Terrace Parties

Party Fun

There is nothing better than a Karaoke party on a bright summers afternoon on an outside terrace.

Party Karaoke


Disco Karaoke Parties

Jamaica Karaoke


Jamaican Party

The Cavalier

The Cavalier Pub in Albir

Many a great time was had at the Cavalier Pub in Albir, just outside Benidorm.

The bar is no longer open, but some fantastic memories remain from the many years working there.


and Family

Friends and Family

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I am available for private parties and functions. Can't wait for the next exciting event!

Tel: (+34) 634 047 088